To Cook or Not to Cook

So I made a visit today to a food incubator/commissary. I will say it was an amazing experience, the space, opportunities available, the fact that for so long wishing to have my own kitchen to produce great food products. The point of contact was Eric, great guy we spoke for about 2 hours, toured the facility and discussed my needs. This is not for the weak; I will say that. “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. That’s all I can say

So if you don’t know about myself. I am a personal chef owner of Bella Soule, I operated under a few great chefs, I spent about 3 years in NYC, working as a contract chef, until I got the chance to become Executive chef. The experience was great I learned much about what not to do and what to do.  Since my relocation to NC. I set out to sustain myself and then work on my own business endeavors.  On last year I started at a very prominent hotel and spa.  As I began to seek personal chef opportunities I began to grow.  Typical story right.  Many people inquired about my restaurant and reluctantly I replied there isn’t one…Yet! So, moving forward I realized there are so many options to go about this culinary journey of mine.  Should I do lunch delivery, dinner prep, private dining events what.  The answer is yes. Having a team makes things alot easier. So the question is “To cook or not to cook”. Well, I have to, my passion behooves me to do so. Clientele will always look for inventive, tasty cuisine, no matter how many restaurants there are.  I was truly excited to see what this kitchen offered. There are about 4 kitchen areas, all in which you must provide your own small-wares i.e. pots, pans, utensils, bowls, china caps, sheet trays; you know the essentials. Nestled out away from all of the major businesses; be sure to gas up and prepare to be as productive as possible.

Eric Hallman is my point of contact, and a very understanding guy. I suggest you speak to him if you are serious in getting kitchen space.  With NC. having such lack in commissary kitchen space it makes it that much more challenging to be a legit food service of any kind. I picked up the latest edition  Raleigh magazine today and it talked about this area being more open to ideas and such. I know Wake county are eager to grow, however there is a balloon effect going on.  Catering business after catering business, everyone wants a food truck, and so many personal chefs but there aren’t anywhere to physically prepare and package food within the laws and statues.  That’s the main issue. So much more revenue can be generated with a simple incubator kitchen available other than in orange county.  I’ll even go as far as to say that the requirements are very obtainable out in Orange county. It’s not easy but obtainable.

So if you’re like me and are seeking a sanctuary, the current options are The Cookery (unfortunate Durham passed a law that you have to be a resident), Midway Kitchen ( its limited in functionality but they boast cooking classes and popup space up to 35 ppl in Chapel Hill). So let’s just say 200 ppl looking to launch a service because they watched Food network, and all of a sudden are inspired to become the next top chef are all looking for space in Wake county. The remains “To Cook or Not To Cook”?

As I move forward I now have so many other things to consider. As a Trained professional and not just some random guy on instagram, I actually care about the safe handling of food product, the origin, choosing as local as possible, and above all Serving my clients with the Highest rated service possible in an I-Home setting, with catering, and classes to include in that category.

I hope my rambling made some sense to ya. As I continue to build my web presence. please make sure to check out other links. Be on the look out for tips, tricks, and more. Find Us on yelp, instagram, and Facebook.  If you are interested in a free in home consultation for a personal chef or would like more insider news… Well, Contact Us!pfap




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